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Mogul Media Solutions offers a pay per call performance marketing service that is modeled after the search engines pay per click.  Instead of paying for a click to your website or ad you only pay for a live lead call to your business.

We have concluded that most business owners need more prospects calling them instead of  clicking links from different places on the internet such as Google ads and Banner ads.

We developed a system where we forward  get targeted customers to pick up the phone and call you.  Unlike most of our competitors you are only charged for qualified calls.  To learn how you can start receiving targeted prospects calling you please contact us today.


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Data driven marketing is the key to success in the ever so changing digital world. If you are not tracking what is and what is not working in your marketing campaigns you are wasting money.

  1. Track call-in-leads and sales by campaign, search engine and keyword.
  2. Optimize your top spending PPC keywords that are unprofitable based on your web analytics
  3. Maximize the value of your marketing spending by knowing which keywords, direct mail, coupons, and content drive your call in leads.
  4. Compare revenue of call in leads/sales by marketing channel and geographical area.

Below are a list of features that our service provides that separates us from the competition:

  1. Call tracking everywhere (digital ads, print material, you name it we can track it)
  2. No Contract
  3. Real Time Tracking
  4. Keyword Tracking
  5. Usage Report
  6. Whisper Notification (tells you that your lead is coming from our service)
  7. Blacklist/Blocked Calls
  8. You only pay for qualified leads, no tricks or gimmicks