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Mogul Media Solutions is a complete local business digital marketing solutions. We have developed technologies that will position your business every where your targeted local consumer will be on the internet. It doesn’t matter if they are hanging out via social media, using mobile phones, watching videos, searching for coupons, or just doing a Google search we will place your business right in front so you can be found when they are ready to purchase.

We are a complete digital advertising agency for the local business. Please see below our sister companies that will allow your business to dominate your local market.


Mobile Punch Card Rewards

Buy Local Loyalty – http://buylocalloyalty.com

About Buy Local Loyalty

Gone are the days of paper punch cards. Our technology takes the original paper punch card and turned it into an automated mobile punch rewards system. Increase your ROI our fully automated Mobile Loyalty Rewards Technology!

Our Buy Local Loyalty Mobile Punch Card System works so easily with our done for you technology. Our Mobile Loyalty Rewards System was put together to help local businesses increase the return on their marketing efforts, by implementing a completely automated local customer retention program. Gone are the days of paper punch cards. Our technology takes the original paper punch card and turned it into an automated mobile punch rewards system.


Local Coupon Network Marketing Services
The  Local Coupon Network – http://thelocalcouponnetwork.com

Online Coupon Advertising Services

Our Local Network is second to none we have the most targeted verticals and web properties that will put your business right in the thick of local traffic.

We are not your typical coupon membership site where your lonely coupon just sits there waiting for someone to find it and your business. Our coupon network is a very aggressive marketing machine that is constantly optimizing  and strategically placing your business right where your customers are spending time on the internet.

We have multiple web properties,social media properties, and coupon specific web-properties in cities around the United States and with international plans in the near future. This network of local based highly targeted web properties allows us to position your business coupons on the front-lines of consumer buyer decisions and that is the local market.


Local Online Ad Network

Local Media Buying – http://localmediabuying.com

Local Media Buying is not your typical digital display advertising agency where you have to pay increased “middle man fees” that eat into your ROI. We have direct access to our publishers, because we are the publishers.
Over 60% of our publishers’ network is solely owned and optimized by LocalMediaBuying.com. The remaining 40% make up our exclusive network of highly trafficked publisher sites and other media buying properties that we have established a strong relationship with.
The goal of LocalMediaBuying.com is to increase the revenues of both Publishers and Advertisers; our management team has been involved with internet marketing for more than 9 years. What set us apart from other networks is that we implement the latest strategies to optimize all of our campaigns to ensure the success of both our advertisers and publishers.


Mobile Coupon Scavenger Hunt


Local Deal Scavenger – Mobile Coupon Scavenger Hunt using mobile scratch technology.

About LocalDealScavenger.com 

Local Deal Scavenger is a product/service that was designed and continuously being developed by the local marketing masterminds of Mogul Media Solutions, LLC. Local Deal Scavenger is the ultimate local, mobile, and social coupon marketing tool that is leveraging a very unique mobile technology, but with a very well know concept the scratch ticket.

Our mobile scratch coupon discovery platform has been designed with the intent of increasing the interaction between local businesses and local consumers in a fun and engaging way, which is the Scavenger Hunt with a local, mobile, and social media twist. The strategy is very simple we take your local coupons and develop a scavenger hunt with free give –a-ways that is sponsored by the local businesses. This will allow all local businesses in our Local Deal Scavenger Network build strong relationships for years to come!

So, come along with us and join the local hunt, you will be amazed how much fun you will have.