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Why Reputation Management is Vital to a Local Business

Online Reputation Management factors will be the future of SEO in fact they are already seeing the impact of some local search rankings, but not in the terms of search engine placement, but in the terms of hurting your business by turning potential new customers away because of the bad reviews that are attached to your first page listing.Local Mobile Marketing Services

People are looking for reasons to buy your products and services based on the businesses reputation and based upon the experience of other local customers interaction with that business.

We establish, develop, and enhance your reputation that builds a digital referral marketing strategy for your business like nothing else known in the business world other than word of mouth marketing.

Your online reputation will follow every marketing campaign that you implement on the internet. If you have a bad online reputation

Think of this as a traditional word of mouth strategy on digital steroids!

Research has show that when you have at least 6-10 5 star quality reviews, this is what builds trust for your business, by local consumers. So, what this really means is that “No Reviews” pretty much carry the same weight as bad reviews. The only to fix this issue is to implement 5 Star review marketing plan with our easy to understand, but very powerful Reputation Marketing System.

Reputation Management or Marketing, Search Optimization, and Social Media are completely blended now. Your online reputation will follow all of your other form of online marketing efforts. So, if you optimize your business for local search your reputation rating will be there on the first page for all to see. The same goes with your social media marketing, when trying to acquire new local customers the advertising cost and the amount of time invested to bring awareness of your business will bring dismal returns on your marketing money investments.

Reputation Marketing is what we do as a company extremely well; most businesses are not taking advantage of what a good online reputation marketing strategy will do for their business brand and bottom line.

We always get authentic reviews; we do this by setting up our unique 5 Star Review Capture System our system and strategies will actually:

  1. Will position your reviews  to convert Leads for your business
  2. Focus on Referral Marketing vs Direct Marketing
  3. Fully Exploit the Benefits of Digital Referral Marketing


Cold Lead Marketing –

Cold lead marketing as you already know is the most expensive form of marketing for your business. Most local businesses will only have a conversion rate of 1% to 5% when spending their advertising and marketing budgets.

Example: Your advertising budget of $1000 per month. This gets your business exposure of 10,000 homes per month. Out of that 10,000 people there may be only 1000 that may be interested in your product or service. Then, out of that 1000 only 1% to 5% or 10 to 50 people may be ready to purchase, but then 1% of the 10 or 50 people, which is 1 to 5 people,  will only make contact with your business based upon the online review research that they have done to get them closer as to which business they want to spend their money with, so you may only end-up with 1 maybe 2 buying customer, but it will solely depend on your online reviews. If you have just 1 bad review your results will be lower.

**Recent study shows that local consumers trust the reviews of their local peers than that of a professional or advertisement when deciding to have purchase products or services from a local business.**

Warm Lead Marketing –

Warm lead marketing is the absolute best way to generate leads for your business. Warm lead marketing is also known as referral marketing or word of mouth marketing. We are a “glass is half-full” type of company, meaning that we always look for and seek out opportunity during change in the digital marketing environment.

The consumer online review posting trend is an opportunity for local businesses to decrease their marketing budgets by 50% or more by leveraging the online word of mouth marketing by their local consumers.

This is where our reputation marketing strategies goes leaps and bounds over the competition.

Our unique reputation marketing and review management system has the ability to collect and respond to bad reviews before they even get on the internet. This is huge for your business because you will have the chance to fix any issues before negative reviews are blasted all over the internet.

We make it easy for your customers to leave a review about your product/service with our customized review capture system.

 Our Reputation Management System provides the following:

  1. Our system automatically turns cold leads into warm leads which will increase your conversion rates by 20% or more within a very relative short time.
  2. We monitor your online reputation
  3. We Respond To Reviews via your social media properties and all popular review sites.
  4. We ethically eliminate Bad Reviews with our customized review capture system
  5. Help You create a Reputation Marketing Culture in Your business. With our staff training series which is of no extra cost to you.
  6. Expose Your Business to New Potential Markets
  7. Gives you more citation authority
  8. Set-Up and Monitor your Local Authority Directories profile
  9. Increased percentage of 5Star Review Ratings by following our system
  10. Review Optimization – this is really Review SEO, the majority of searches that are done for a particular business is done with the keyword “business name + reviews”