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How To Draw Customers In With Mobile Marketing

Local Mobile Marketing ServicesSmartphones are becoming more and more infused in today’s society, and your local consumers are getting accustomed to having information they need available to them at any given time. Implementing Mobile marketing is a great way for you to stay in top of mind with your customers no matter where they are or what they are doing.

Hopefully this blog post will help you understand how mobile marketing can be your advantage to increase the engagement of your local customers.

Be sure when adding images to your site that you compress the size of the file to help with loading speeds. Pictures can eat up a lot of bandwidth, which means a slower viewing experience for your mobile users. It is also important to properly size your images so that it will not alter the layout of your mobile website when being viewed on different types of mobile phones. You don’t have to completely avoid images, just be smart about the choices that you make.

When developing your mobile attack plan just keep in mind that all mobile devices were not created equal. If you have designed a mobile website for your business and you can’t assume that it looks great as it does on an iPhone and it will appear the same to a user on another device.

Be sure that you with a developer that will go the extra mile to view your website on a variety of different devices. For the most part, the experience will be very similar. However, there may be a few things that you need to tweak so that your site appeals to as many mobile users as possible.

If you encourage your customers to click on a link, it is best to send them to another mobile site where they can get information that they need to make a quick decision without going through any effort. One of the appeals of a mobile device is that it allows you to do things quickly. If you are sending your customers to a site where they have to input a lot of data or engage in several different actions, they are going to become frustrated with you. Make it simple for them to access and read interesting information, and your customer base will remain loyal to you.

Since the downturn of economy increasing the number of mobile customers that you have, consider providing a discount or coupon that is only available to them and not to other users. Ask these mobile customers to opt-in to receive sms text messages from you that will include discounts and special offers.

The majority of local consumers enjoy getting discount and promotional offers via their phone, and by using a well thought out mobile marketing strategies, you are likely to see a dramatic increase in the number of local users visiting your business. All you have to do is to make you honor your promotions.

It is very easy to find success with mobile marketing in a variety of different ways. To learn more about what mobile marketing can do for your business click here for a free consultation.



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