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Are Cover Letters Still Relevant For Social Media and Tech Jobs?

The cover letter is often an expected attachment to the résumé, serving as an applicant’s first impression on potential employers. Traditionally, it offers job seekers an opportunity to introduce their skills and qualifications, while giving hiring managers an idea of a candidate’s suitability for the position.But as more companies use social networks to screen candidates, [...]

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What Do You Want to Ask Our Panel of Journalists? [EVENT]

Next Tuesday evening, Mashable is hosting our fifth NextUpNYC event where Vadim Lavrusik, our community manager and social media strategist, will lead a discussion on what skills news organizations will demand in the future and the tools journalists will need to be successful.What do you want to ask the panel?Submit your questions in the comments [...]

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Reddit Surpasses 1 Billion Monthly Pageviews

Reddit has reached a new milestone: 1 billion monthly pageviews. That’s up 300% from a year ago and a 20% increase from just last month.As it occasionally does, the Condé Nast-owned company disclosed its January 2011 traffic stats. Its biggest accomplishment was breaking the billion pageview milestone. Specifically, the social media service garnered 1,000,404,480 pageviews. [...]

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Student Suspended for Calling Teacher Fat on Facebook

A California high school student has been suspended for making rude remarks about a teacher on Facebook.For the more old-fashioned disciplinarians among us, this might seem like common sense; however, the ACLU is claiming the student’s free speech rights were violated and says the school broke federal and state laws.In a letter to Mesa Verde [...]

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