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6 Ways to Design Your Own Jewelry Online

Dave Sloan is CEO of Treehouse Logic, which offers a hosted design tool solution that enables customer co-creation. You can reach Dave at and follow him on Twitter.Why buy standard department store jewelry when you can customize your own pieces online for around the same price?Jewelry is one of the hottest categories in the [...]

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Internet Restored in Libya, Google Maps Shows Up-To-Date Info

The Internet has been restored to Libya after the country shut down its network links to the outside world for six hours last night. Now that the Internet is back, protesters are making the most of their connectivity by mapping tweets using Google Maps.According to those trusty wire watchers at Renesys, “Two-thirds of Libyan routes [...]

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A New Way To Explore Resources on Mashable

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Mashable Explore, a new channel on the site dedicated to making Mashable’s evergreen guides, how-tos and feature lists easier to discover and explore. The new Mashable Explore channel is presented by Ford Explorer.Mashable Explore enables you to delve into a wealth of Mashable resources focused on topics ranging [...]

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Indie Designers Tap Into Digital Technology for Fashion Week

Staging a runway show at Lincoln Center during New York Fashion Week is a costly privilege available to few designers who are not at the helm of established national or global brands.Elsewhere in New York, however — in art galleries, restaurants, basements, garages, hotels and studios — young designers are cramming friends, retailers and whatever [...]

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